Our Programs

OIC has five distinct programs that work at the local levels to improve our neighborhoods and ensure that everyone has a chance to achieve their full potential.

Each of our programs is an interconnected piece of the total solution. On the whole, they create an immediate improvement within the local community and lay the groundwork for sustainable change.


Regardless of the program, if the local ecology falls apart, devastating consequences result. From flooding and drought to loss of life, environmental impacts mean that ignoring this part of the equation is simply not an option.

Social Justice

Across the globe, discrimination and corruption can undermine the best efforts of individuals and groups alike. OIC fights for justice through advocates in the field and providing legal resources to those in need.

Health & Nutrition

If people are not healthy, they cannot prosper. Furthermore, prevention and preparation often cost pennies on the dollar compared to treatment and control. We work on everything from nutrition counseling to sustainable micro-farming.


To solve the world’s most serious problems we need an educated populace and innovative solutions. We believe that every person represents an opportunity for excellence. We work with local communities to strengthen education resources and provide access to any and all people in the area.

Economic Opportunity

People don’t want a handout. They want an opportunity to succeed. From microloans to job training and infrastructure, OIC works with each community to leverage the resources and skills of the area across the broadest population possible.

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Our Impact

Microloans to Small Neighborhood Businesses totaling more than $5M

Computers and Internet provided to children in
low-income zip codes

Nutritional meals provided to food-insecure families across the county

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