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Supporters make our organization succeed and the reason we can help as many people as we do. Get involved by donating, volunteering, fundraising, signing petitions, sending targeted actions, and ultimately spreading the word about OIC to help make a difference. Begin your support by picking one of our two focus areas:

Project OIC

Our flagship program has been making a difference since 2015. Each of our 5 programs is an interconnected piece of the total solution. On the whole, they create an immediate improvement within the local and international communities and lay the groundwork for sustainable change.

For the Future

For the Future is part of our growing education program. We believe that every person represents an opportunity for excellence. We work with communities around the world to strengthen education resources by providing internet access and computers to families in need.

Our 2021 Goals

Reach 5M
OIC Supporters by July

Reduce Carbon Dioxide by 50ppms

Reforest over 100,000 Acres Internationally

Increase Gen Z Average Gift Amount

120,000+ Healthy Meals for Children

Internet Access & Supplies for 520,000+

Volunteer for OIC

Volunteering for OIC is easy. Whether you want to start your own OIC volunteer group in your area, join others in victories across the nation, or help connect partner organizations with us, OIC welcomes you!

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